Senior VP of Professional Services ($400K/year) - Remote Work

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This exciting opportunity allows those who can rise to the challenge to integrate a factory-style approach to the acquisition, integration, and support of a variety of products in our vast and rapidly growing portfolio.

As the SVP of Professional Services, your role will be atypical from those found in traditional companies. Our factory style approach allows SVPs to create unified processes that can be implemented across our portfolio and integrated into newly acquired companies.

Through evaluating and conducting deep dives into issues, SVPs create strategic action plans to deliver consistently high-quality professional services.

You will be challenged to change your management style to align with our productivity tool WorkSmart Pro, to effectively manage your team and achieve metric goals.

Key Responsibilities:
- Hire, train, and lead a team of 5-10 professional services VPs to maintain and improve quality
- Create ongoing economies of scale, enabling our organization to become more effective and efficient as it grows
- Work closely with COO to drive quality, achieve metric goals, improve operations, and drive down costs through automation and process improvement
- Clearly and effectively communicate and document process changes
- Communicate with clients to identify needs and evaluate business solutions

Candidate Requirements
- University degree (BS, MS, or Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or Information Technology
- 2+ years as a software engineer (directly writing software product code) or as a technical consultant (directly customizing, configuring, and integrating software for customers)
- 5+ years managing the delivery of technical projects or services to external customers
- Extensive experience in leading a 200+ people organization
- Experience in overseeing the implementation process of client-facing SaaS projects

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